The Roads Not Taken

Opening Gala
United Kindom, USA, Sweden· 2020 · 85´ · English


Leo lies in bed. He is confused and lost in his thoughts. People around him no longer take him seriously. Molly, his daughter, accompanies him through New York with tender loving care. Even though her job is on the line, she sticks with this mentally impaired man who no longer knows her name, but whose head is filled with wanderings into parallel versions of his life.


Sally Potter
Born in London, UK, she made her first 8mm film when she was 14, followed by short experimental films. Since 1969, she has also worked as a performance artist, choreographer, dancer and musician. Her international breakthrough as a film director came in 1992 with her Oscar-nominated adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel, Orlando. Her film The Roads Not Taken premiered at the Berlinale.

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United Kindom, United States, Sweden· 2020 · 85´ · English

Dirección · Director
Sally Potter

Guión · Screenplay
Sally Potter

Fotografía · Cinematography
Robbie Ryan

Música · Music
Sally Potter

Sonido · Sound
Yves-Marie Omnes

Director de arte · Production designer
Carlos Conti

Edición · Editor
Emilie Orsini, Sally Potter, Jason Rayton

Productor · Producer
Christopher Sheppard

Intérpretes · Cast
Javier Bardem, Elle Fanning, Salma Hayek, Laura Linney

Contacto · Contact
Diamond Films
Tania Díaz