La cordillera de los sueños

Documentary Film
Chile, France · 2019 · 84´ · Spanish


"In Chile, when the sun rises, it must climb hills, walls and mountain tops before reaching the last stone of the Cordillera. In my country, the Cordillera is everywhere. But for the Chilean citizens, it is an unknown territory. After going North to make Nostalgia for the Light and South for The Pearl Button, I now feel ready to film this immense backbone and to explore its mysteries, its powerful revelations of Chile's history past and present." - Patricio Guzmán.


His filmography includes The Pinochet Case (2001), Salvador Allende (2004) and Nostalgia for the Light (2010), the first part of a trilogy dedicated to the Chilean territory completed with The Pearl Button (2015) and The Cordillera of Dreams. All three films were included in Horizontes Latinos at San Sebastian. The Cordillera of Dreams received the Oeil d’Or for Best Documentary at Cannes festival.

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Chile, France · 2019 · 84´ · Spanish

Dirección · Director
Patricio Guzmán

Guión · Screenplay
Patricio Guzmán

Fotografía · Cinematography
Samuel Lahu

Música · Music
Miranda y Tobar

Sonido · Sound
Álvaro Silva Wuth

Edición · Editor
Emmanuelle Joly

Productor · Producer
Renate Sachse

Contacto · Contact
Luis M. Rivera