Feature Film
Chile, Argentina, Brazil · 2019 · 105´ · Spanish


Inés (22), Justo (28) and Gerardo (23) are part of a violent nationalist group that wants to overthrow the Marxist government in the 1970s. In the heat of this fight they are involved in a risky and passionate love triangle and commit a political crime that separates them forever. Forty years later, Gerardo reappears. Not only does revenge inspire him, but also his obsession with reviving the nationalist cause. Ines, will do what is in her hands so that Gerardo does not disclose her past or that of her husband, Justo. But how do you erase the pulse of a political and sexual passion that still resonates in the present?


Director of Machuca (2004, Directors' Fortnight), one of the most viewed and awarded films of Chilean cinema. Some of his most successful feature films are La fever del Loco (2001, Official Selection Festival of Venice and Toronto), La Buena Vida (2008, Goya Award), and Violeta went to heaven (2011, Grand Prize of the Sundance Jury 2012) . At the same time he has directed TV series.

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Chile, Argentina, Brazil · 2019 · 105´ · Spanish

Dirección · Director
Andrés Wood

Guión · Screenplay
Guillermo Calderón, Andrés Wood

Fotografía · Cinematography
M. I. Littin-Menz

Música · Music
Antonio Pinto

Sonido · Sound
Miriam Biderman, ABC, Ricardo Reis, Miguel Hormazabal

Director de arte · Production designer
Rodrigo Bazaes

Edición · Editor
Andrea Chignoli

Productor · Producer
Alejandra García, Nathalia Videla, Juan Pablo Gugliotta, Paula Cosenza, Denise Gomes

Intérpretes · Cast
Mercedes Morán, María Valverde, Marcelo Alonso, Pedro Fontaine, Gabriel Urzúa, Felipe Armas, Caio Blat, María Gracia Omegna, Mario Horton Fleck, Jaime Vadell

Contacto · Contact
20th Century Fox LATAM