PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money

Documentary Film
Ireland, United Kingdom, United States · 2019 · 94´ · English


As imaginative as the creative process it documents. A uniquely intimate journey through the inspiration, writing and recording of a PJ Harvey record. Writer and musician Harvey and award-winning photographer Seamus Murphy, hatched a collaboration. Seeking first-hand experience of the countries she wanted to write about, Harvey accompanied Murphy on some of his worldwide reporting trips, joining him in Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Washington DC. Harvey collected words, Murphy collected images. Back home, the words become poems, songs, then an album, which is recorded in an unprecedented art experiment in Somerset House, London.


He is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and author. His work has been published and exhibited widely and is in the collections of The Getty Museum Los Angeles, and The Imperial War Museum. Darkness Visible, a film about his photographic work in Afghanistan, was nominated for an Emmy. He has made music films for PJ Harvey albums suchs as Let England Shake, among others.

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Dirección · Director
Seamus Murphy

Guión · Screenplay
Seamus Murphy

Fotografía · Cinematography
Seamus Murphy

Sonido · Sound
Brendan Rehil

Edición · Editor
Sebastian Gollek

Productor · Producer
Isabel Davis, Katie Holly, James Wilson, Seamus Murphy

Contacto · Contact
Salma Abdalla
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