Feature Film
Peru · 2017 · 86´ · Aimara


Like the elderly couple in Ozu’s wonderful Tokyo Story (1953), the main characters of Wiñaypacha carry upon their bent backs the sadness of being forgotten by their son. Nonetheless, they do not invest in anger nor buildup blame. They spend their days weaving the blanket that keeps them warm on cold nights, chewing on coca leaves, and dreaming of a wind that will bring their first born back home


He was born in the community of Huaychani, Peru, to a farming family. He studied at the Professional Art School of the Universidad Nacional del Altiplano, but quit his studies in order to enlist in the Peruvian army. He began studying Social Communication Sciences at UNA. He wrote and directed El sendero del chulo (2007) and La venganza del Súper Cholo (2013).

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Peru · 2017 · 86´ · Aimara

Dirección · Director
Óscar Catacora

Guión · Screenplay
Óscar Catacora

Fotografía · Cinematography
Óscar Catacora

Sonido · Sound
Rosa María Oliart

Director de arte · Production Designer
Hilaria Catacora

Edición · Editor
Irene Cajías

Productor · Producer
Luis Ramos Choqueconza

Intérpretes · Cast
Rosa Nina, Vicente Catacora

Contacto · Contact
Luis Ramos Choqueconza