Blue Frontier

Feature Film
Peru · 2018 · 86´ · Yupik


Atka, a fisherman who lives isolated from the world on the Arctic plain, struggles to keep Aga, his lifelong partner and terminal patient alive. According to an old Inuit legend, when people die one part of their souls returns to life in a newborn relative. Aga has no children of her own, nor relatives living nearby. Plunged into deep despair she makes a mystic journey, travelling through different people who are also closely related to the sea.


Jorge Carmona, Tito Köster
Jorge Carmona has developed several audiovisual projects and including as director and scriptwriter the documentary Q'eshwachaka.

Tito Köster has been taking photographs, drawing and painting since childhood, which has been useful throughout his audiovisual career. Blue Frontier is his first feature film.

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Peru · 2018 · 86´ · Yupik

Dirección · Director
Jorge Carmona, Tito Köster

Guión · Screenplay
Miguel Ángel Moulet

Fotografía · Cinematography
Jorge Carmona del Solar

Música · Music
Franjo Antich Namuch, Franjo Antich Solari

Sonido · Sound
Fabiola Ordoyo

Director de arte · Production designer
Tito Köster Salini

Edición · Editor
Roberto Benavides, Pedro Zamalloa

Productor · Producer
Rafael Acuña

Intérpretes · Cast
Ishmael Hope, Theresa Babcock, Jonathan Gubbins, Moses Wasslie, Aan Nugroho, Bayu Bayu, Kakiang Lingsin, Victor Mtambanengue, Luc Kadima, Nicolás Arnould

Contacto · Contact
Jorge Carmona