Brouwer. The Origin of the Shadow

Documentary Feature
Cuba · 2019 · 68´ · Spanish


80 years-old Leo Brouwer, an important Cuban and world composer, is visited by a group of young filmmakers. Questioning the film itself, Leo stablishes what is crucial for him to share. “This film is a gift…but I don’t need it”, he says, while love and pain for his land embraces him.


Katherine T. Gavilan, Lisandra López Fabé
Katherine is a Cuban director, producer, cultural management and screenwriter, graduated with honors from the Instituto Superior de Arte. She begins her film career with Brouwer... as one of the most valuable films in Cuba.
Lisandra is a Cuban screenwriter and author. Her works as a screenwriter has been selected and awarded in many festivals. She was part of the Mezcal Jury of FICG32. Brouwer... is her debut film as a director.

Iberoamerican DocumentaryVirtual FICG

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Cuba · 2019 · 68´ · Spanish

Dirección · Director
Katherine T. Gavilán, Lisandra López Fabé

Guión · Screenplay
Lisandra López Fabé

Fotografía · Cinematography
Alejandro Alonso

Música · Music
Leo Brouwer

Sonido · Sound
Velia Díaz de Villalvilla

Director de arte · Production designer
Katherine T. Gavilán

Edición · Editor
Emmanuel Peña

Productor · Producer
Katherine T. Gavilán

Intérpretes · Cast
Leo Brouwer

Contacto · Contact
Producciones Moebius