The Champion of the World

Uruguay · 2019 · 79´ · Spanish


Ten years after becoming a bodybuilding world champion, Antonio Osta leads a life of austerity with his son, Juanjo, in the rural town where he grew up. Suffering from chronic kidney disease, he is stuck in limbo, halfway between his glorious past and the impossibility of being who he once was. What´s left after glory? Through a story focused on the bond between a father and a son, The Champion of the World puts forward a human portrayal of masculinity and the scars left by success.


Communication graduates and film teachers, they have been a film directing duo since 2007. Their debut feature, Clever (2015), had its world premiere in the Busan International Film Festival and was subsequently screened in 30 more festivals worldwide, winning 14 awards. In Uruguay, it was hailed as 2016 Best National Film by the Film Critics Association.

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Uruguay · 2019 · 79´ · Spanish

Dirección · Director
Federico Borgia, Guillermo Madeiro

Guión · Screenplay
Federico Borgia, Guillermo Madeiro

Fotografía · Cinematography
Guillermo Fernández, Ramiro González Pampillón

Sonido · Sound
Nicolás Oten, Bruno Tortorella

Edición · Editor
Federico Borgia, Guillermo Madeiro, Juan Ignacio Fernández Hoppe

Productor · Producer
Pancho Magnou

Intérpretes · Cast
Antonio Osta, Juanjo Osta

Contacto · Contact
Montelona Cine