The Song of the Butterfies

Documentary Feature
Peru · 2020 · 65´ · Spanish, Munuka


Rember is an indigenous from the Uitoto Nation who lives in Lima. From his clan, the White Heron, only two families remain in Peru. He is an artist and paints inspired by the stories his grandmother Martha told him before she died. However, he has never dived into the darkest part of his nation’s history: the rubber boom massacre. Martha is a survivor of the horror and she speaks to Rember in dreams, guiding him in a spiritual journey back to the jungle.


Núria Frigola Torrent
Documentary maker, impact producer and actress. As filmmaker, her two passions are identity and memory. She produced Daughter of the Lake (2015) and directed the short film Cebiche & pa amb tomata (2015). The Song of the Butterflies is her first feature film.

Iberoamerican Documentary Peru Guest of Honor Virtual FICG

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Peru · 2020 · 65´ · Spanish, Munuka

Dirección · Director
Núria Frigola Torrent

Guión · Screenplay
Núria Frigola Torrent

Fotografía · Cinematography
Nicolás Landa Tami

Música · Music
Karin Zielinski

Sonido · Sound
David Acevedo, Juanma López

Edición · Editor
Nicolé Hurtado Céspedes

Productor · Producer
Rolando Toledo Vega

Intérpretes · Cast
Rember Yahuarcani López

Contacto · Contact
La mula