Fritzi. A Revolutionary Tale

Animated Feature Film
Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Republic · 2019 · 90´ · Germany


East Germany, 1989. Summertime.
No one knows the Iron Curtain is about to fall. When twelve-year-old Fritzi‘s best friend Sophie goes on vacation to Hungary with her family, she leaves her little dog Sputnik with her. School starts again, however, Sophie doesn‘t come back. Fritzi has to face up to the fact Sophie’s has stayed in Hungary, like so many other East Germans. By chance, Fritzi stumbles into a demonstration. She sees the people around her risking arrest, committed to changing their country for the better. Inspired, Fritzi now knows exactly what to do: She has to help Sputnik find Sophie, no matter what!


Matthias Bruhn, Ralf Kukula
Matthias born in Germany. Since 1998 chief executive of the Trick Studio Lutterbeck GmbH. His productions won numerous national and international awards.
Ralf, is a German filmmaker. He joined the DEFA Studio for Animated Film and studied animation at the Konrad Wolf College of Film and Television. He is also the co-founder of the Saxony Film Association and the German Institute for Animated Film.

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Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Republic · 2019 · 90´ · Germany

Dirección · Director
Matthias Bruhn, Ralf Kukula

Guión · Screenplay
Beate Völcker, Péter Palátsik, Hannah Schott

Animación · Animation
Tobias Gembalski, Christoph Horch, Marek Pokorný, Dejan Rakas, Paul Raymond Williams, Bob Wolkers

Música · Music
André Dziezuk

Sonido · Sound
François Dumont, Jérémy Hassid

Director de arte · Production designer
Johannes Muecke

Edición · Editor
Stefan Urlaß

Productor · Producer
Ralf Kukula, Richard Lutterbeck, Patrick Quinet, Stephane Quinet, Johannes Schiehsl, Benjamin Swiczinsky, Conrad Tambour, Pierre Urbain, Martin Vandas, Alena Vandasová

Intérpretes · Cast
Ali Lyons, Oisin Conroy, Lucy Carolan, James O'Donohue, Nicola Lindsay, Hugh O'Conor, Aoibhin Murphy. Paul Tylak

Contacto · Contact
Lucrecia Magnanini