El gran cuento de los osos

Animated Feature Film
France, Italy · 2019 · 98´ · French


It all starts when Tonio, the son of the King of Bears, is kidnapped by the hunters in the mountains. To rescue his son, the King decides, with the help of an army of bears and a wizard, to invade the land where the human lived. But soon they realize, that the bears are not meant to live among humans.


Born in Italy, Lorenzo is a comic book artist, illustrator and filmmaker. He made his film debut with the animated horror anthology Fear(s) of the Dark (2007).

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France, Italy · 2019 · 98´ · French

Dirección · Director
Lorenzo Mattotti

Guión · Screenplay
Thomas Bidegain, Dino Buzzati, Jean-Luc Fromental, Lorenzo Mattotti

Animación · Animator
Julien De Ma

Música · Music
René Aubry

Sonido · Sound
Jean-Marc Lentretien

Edición · Editor
Nassim Gordji Tehrani, Sophie Reine

Productor · Producer
Christophe Jankovic, Valérie Schermann

Contacto · Contact
Geminiano Pineda, geminiano@cinecanibal.com
Memo Canan, memo@cinecanibal.com