The Earth is Blue as an Orange

Documentary Film
Lithuania, Ukraine · 2020 · 74´ · Russian, Ukrainian


When poet/filmmaker Iryna Tsilyk first visits the Trofymchuk - Gladky family home in the war - zone town of Krasnohorivka, Ukraine, she is surprised by what she finds: while the outside world is made up of bombings and chaos, single mother Anna and her four children are managing to keep their home as a safe haven, full of life and full of light. Every member of the family has a passion for cinema, so it feels natural to shoot a film inspired by their own life during a time of war.


Writer and Director, she graduated from Kyiv Nation al University of Theatre, Cinematography and Television named by Karpenko - Kary in TV directing in 2005. Her previous short fiction and documentary films were presented and awarded at various international film festivals . In addition, she has been working as a writer. Some of her works have been translated into various languages and presented at different international literary festivals

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Lithuania, Ukraine · 2020 · 74´ · Russian, Ukrainian

Dirección · Director
Iryna Tsilyk

Guión · Screenplay
Iryna Tsilyk

Fotografía · Cinematography
Viacheslav Tsvietkov

Sonido · Sound
Jonas Maksvytis

Edición · Editor
Ivan Bannikov, Iryna Tsilyk

Productor · Producer
Anna Kapustina, Giedrė Žickytė

Interpretes · Cast
Ganna Gladka, Myroslava Trofymchuk, Anastasiia Trofymchuk, Vladyslav Trofymchuk Stanislav Gladky, Olena Gladka, Olga Gladka, Danylo Dydenko

Contacto · Contact
Maelle Guenegues