The Second Burial of Alejandrino

Documentary Feature
Colombia · 2019 · 75´ · Embera, Spanish


Life and death are dimensions of the existence bound together by the world of dreams in the Emberá Eyabida Community. Four years after his death, shaman Alejandrino Carupia visits his wife Teresa Bailarín in her dreams to tell her that he wants to be buried again. Upon the exhumation, Teresa is surprised to find its body mummified. Now, she must prepare the rituals to fulfill his husband’s wish to be buried in his hometown. At the same time, several members of the community fear that such action may cause Alejandrino’s spirit to transform into an "aribadá", an entity that ruins the harvests bringing sickness and death.


His main topic of interest is the lives and struggles of minority groups. Some of his films are El café la cordillera (2010), Tengo una bala en mi cuerpo (2014), and Voces que suman (2013-2015), a documentary series about minorities. He has worked as a still photographer for several films such as Rosario Tijeras, Operación E, La mujer del animal, among others.

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Colombia · 2019 · 75´ · Embera, Spanish

Dirección · Director
Raúl Soto Rodríguez

Guión · Screenplay
Raúl Soto Rodríguez

Fotografía · Cinematography
David Horacio Montoya

Música · Music
Abelardo Pernía

Sonido · Sound
Sebastián Alarcón Vélez

Edición · Editor
Juan Fernando Cañola Vélez

Productor · Producer
Yira Plaza O'Byrne

Intérpretes · Cast
Teresa Bailarín

Contacto · Contact
Yira Plaza O’Byrne