Helios’ Suitcase

Documentary Feature
Mexico, Spain · 2019 · 74´ · Spanish


Helios Estevez was only a few months old when the Spanish Civil war broke out in 1936 and his father, a Republican anarchist, went into exile. 80 years later he travels to his father’s house to bring back the suitcase his father had with him when he arrived in Mexico in 1941. Helios Estevez a 19-year-old arrived in this country with a mission: he wanted to get to know his father and reunite his family in order to put an end to his mother’s heartbreak. His testimonies reveal the unexpected events which affected his life up until he met with success in Mexico and the fascinating story of his father.


Javier Angulo is a journalist and founder of the magazine Cinemanía. Director of the Valladolid International Film Festival for the past twelve years and member of the EFA and the Spanish Academy of Cinema. His first documentary, La perdida, won at La Habana Festival.
Helios’ Suitcase is Nacho´s first documentary. He studied film directing at ECAM Madrid. He won several international awards for his first short, Niña.

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Mexico, Spain · 2019 · 74´ · Spanish

Dirección · Director
Javier Angulo Barturen, Nacho A. Villar

Guión · Screenplay
Javier Angulo Barturen, Nacho A. Villar

Fotografía · Cinematography
Michal Babinec

Música · Music
Zacarías M. de la Riva

Sonido · Sound
María Angulo Villar

Director de arte · Production designer
Roberto Lozano Bruna

Edición · Editor
Antonio Gómez-Escalonilla

Productor · Producer
Helio Estévez, Javier Angulo, Roberto Lozano Bruna, Marta Arranz Cordovés, Diego Milán

Contacto · Contact
Marta Arranz Cordovés