The Passion of Javier

Feature Film
Peru, Cuba, Portugal · 2019 · 98´ · Spanish


Peru, 70s. Javier Heraud, a literature student, passionate and nonconformist, confronts his father who opposes to his vocation as a poet.The problems worsens when Javier publishes his first poem, El Río, and is invited to a youth encounter in the Soviet Union, Javier is dazzled. He later travels to Paris where he met Mario Vargas Llosa, and they exchange ideas about the Cuban Revolution, where he participated in a guerrilla movement in fights for a change in Peru.


Eduardo Guillot Maeve
He began his career working for the acclaimed Peruvian director Robles Godoy. After gaining experience, he began producing and directing documentaries, advertising shorts, and fiction miniseries for television. He won the Grand APAP award for Best Director and the Audience Award in Boston International Latin Festival 2007 for The Story of Liz Rojas. All Can Fall (2018) was his first feature film.

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Peru, Cuba, Portugal · 2019 · 98´ · Spanish

Dirección · Director
Eduardo Guillot

Guión · Screenplay
Augusto Cabada, Eduardo Guillot, Enrique Moncloa, Claudia Chadwick

Fotografía · Cinematography
César Fe

Música · Music
Nuno Malo

Sonido · Sound
Edgar Lostaunau

Director de arte · Production designer
Guillermo Palacios

Edición · Editor
Marcela Sáenz

Productor · Producer
Norma Velásquez

Intérpretes · Cast
Stefano Tosso, Sofía Rocha, Lucho Cáceres. Vania Accinelli, Gabriel Gonsales, Fiorella Pennano, Sebastián Monteghirfo, Roxana Chamulak, Jorge Bardales

Contacto · Contact
Imagia Films E.I.R.L.