The Longleg

Animated Feature Film
Argentina · 2019 · 70´ · Spanish


In a typical town, children are threatened with the legend of the fearsome Longleg so they would take a nap without disturbing their parents. For the parents, the Longleg is obviously an advantageous invention that gives them a few hours of peace a day, however, Teto, Maru and Ramon will discover that the Longleg does exist.


She is a director, producer, animator and screenwriter. She made numerous short films, video clips, medium films and series. Her shorts were screened at several international festivals. In 2012 she created, together with Edgar Roggenbau, the production company Eucalyptus.

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Argentina · 2019 · 70´ · Spanish

Dirección · Director
Mercedes Moreira

Guión · Screenplay
Edi Roca

Animación · Animation
Joaquín Zelaya Sánchez

Música · Music
Eric Kuschevatsky

Sonido · Sound
Pablo Isola

Director de arte · Production designer
Joaquín Zelaya Sánchez

Edición · Editor
Juan Barragán

Productor · Producer
Hernan Findling, Edgar Roggenbau, Mercedes Moreira

Intérpretes · Cast
Favio Posca, Peto Menahem, Charo López, Inés Efrón, Tamara Kipper

Contacto · Contact
Primer Plano Film Group