Home Is Somewhere Else

Animation Documentary | Mexico, United States | 2022 | 87 min | Spanish, English


An "animentary” featuring three personal stories, each narrated by our young protagonists. The stories are united by our host, spoken word poet José Eduardo Aguilar  “El Deportee”, deported from his home state of Utah to Mexico at age 23. With his Spanglish poetry, Lalo presents each story: Jasmine's fear of her parents being deported and her inspiration to become an activist, sisters Evelyn and Elizabeth and their painful relationship of living with different immigration statuses in the same household and, finally, Lalo’s own childhood, process of deportation, and path to becoming an artist activist.


Carlos Hagerman’s films include Those Who Remain (winner of the best documentary at FICG 2009), Vuelve a la Vida (2010) and No Place Like Home (2015). Jorge Villalobos is writer and director of animated and live action short films and TV series which have won over 20 international awards; he is also author of three illustrated books. They are both founders of Brinca Animation Studio.

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Mexican Premiere

Director - Directors
Carlos Hagerman, Jorge Villalobos
Guión - Screenplay
Carlos Hagerman, Jorge Villalobos
Productor - Producer
Carlos Hagerman, Andrew Houchens, Mariana Marín, Carolina Coppel, Susan MacLaury, Albie Hecht, Guillermo Rendón
Música - Music:
Javier Álvarez
Sonido - Sound:
Pablo Lach
Cinematografía - Cinematography:
Edición - Editor:
Martha UC, Alejandra Ruvalcaba, Inger Diaz Barriga
Dirección de Arte - Production Design:
Marec Fritzinger
Intérpretes - Cast
José Eduardo Aguilar
Contacto - Contact
Andrew Houchens