Camila saldrá esta noche

Camila Comes Out Tonight
Fiction | Argentina | 2021 | 101 min | Spanish


When her grandmother becomes seriously ill, Camila is forced to move to Buenos Aires and leave her friends behind. Changing a liberal public high school for a traditional private institution will only increase Camila’s premature but fierce temperament. While coping with the turbulence proper of adolescence she discovers her feelings for Clara, a classmate with a secret. A feminist revolution is about to start.


She has directed the shorts, La Quietud, which competed in Locarno and Mar del Plata, and La Prima Sueca, screened at the Berlin Festival, where she also premiered her debut, Atlántida, followed by Julia y el Zorro (San Sebastián). Las Motitos (co-directed with Gabriela Vidal) won Best Actress and Best Ibero-American Film in Malaga. Her next work, Espectro, has been selected in San Sebastián.

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Mexican Premiere

Director - Directors
Inés Barrionuevo
Guión - Screenplay
Andrés Aloi, Inés Barrionuevo
Productor - Producer
Sebastián Aloi, Luis Bustamante, Martin Bullrich
Música - Music:
Joaquín Sánchez, Juan Ignacio Espinosa, Diego Ulises Cano
Sonido - Sound:
Federico Esquerro
Cinematografía - Cinematography:
Constanza Sandoval
Edición - Editor:
Sebastian Schjaer, Inés Barrionuevo
Dirección de Arte - Production Design:
Eugenia Sueiro
Intérpretes - Cast
Nina Dziembrowski, Maite Valero, Diego Sánchez, Adriana Ferrer, Carolina Rojas, Guillermo Pfening
Contacto - Contact
Latido Films