Fiction | Brazil, France | 2022 | 100 min | Portuguese


On the frontier between the real and the fantastic, the colonial times and the overwhelming modernity of agribusiness, the town of Goiás is the stage where the young Fernanda is faced with secrets about her past. Following the death of her foster mother, she goes back to her wealthy uncle's house to implode certainties and let the painful truth about her origins surface.


She graduated in Cinema and Literature in Brazil and studied screenwriting at the EICTV in Cuba. Her first short film, Liberdade, screened at FICA. She has also worked as an assistant director and producer on short films and documentaries for cinema and TV. In 2019, she directed and scripted the series Amanajé, O Mensageiro do Futuro, aired by TV CULTURA. Fogaréu is her fiction feature debut.

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Latin American Premiere

Director - Directors
Flávia Neves
Guión - Screenplay
Flávia Neves, Melanie Dimantas
Productor - Producer
Vania Catani, Mayra Faour Auad
Sonido - Sound:
Waldir Xavier, Olivia Hernández
Cinematografía - Cinematography:
Luciana Baseggio, Glauco Firpo
Edición - Editor:
Will Domingos, Waldir Xavier
Dirección de Arte - Production Design:
Diogo Balbino
Intérpretes - Cast
Bárbara Colen, Nena Inoue, Eucir de Souza, Fernanda Vianna, Vilminha Chaves
Contacto - Contact
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