Amor y matemáticas

Love & Mathematics
Fiction | Mexico | 2022 | 85 min | Spanish


After his time in the popular boy band “Equinoccio,” Billy Lozano is now living a tedious life as a married man in the suburbs. Very frustrated with his lifestyle, he lives with all the necessary comforts in the house of his dreams, but feels like the biggest loser in the world since his last entrepreneurship failed once again. He has no other occupation but to take care of his son and his wife's dog. One day he meets Monica, an ex-fan of the music group, who moves into the house in front of them, and encourages him to resume his artistic career. Their lives will never be the same, or will they?


Mexican writer, director, and actress. Born in Veracruz in 1982, she graduated in visual arts from the University of Guadalajara, made some short films and worked as an assistant director for various Mexican films before writing her own scripts. In 2022 Claudia had the world premiere for Love & Mathematics at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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Mexican Premiere

Director - Directors
Claudia Sainte-Luce
Guión - Screenplay
Adriana Pelusi
Productor - Producer
Christian Kregel
Música - Music:
Dan Zlotnik, Camilo Froideval
Sonido - Sound:
Nicolás Aguilar, Sergio Díaz
Cinematografía - Cinematography:
Carlos Correa
Edición - Editor:
Julian Sarmiento
Dirección de Arte - Production Design:
Los Moran
Intérpretes - Cast
Roberto Quijano, Diana Bovio, Daniela Salinas, Jorge Alberto Silva, Homero Guerra, Marco Alfonso Polo Guerra, Jessica Mendiolea
Contacto - Contact
Julieta Perales