Animation | United States | 2023 | 93 min | English


The film journeys alongside an unlikely pair, Ember and Wade, in a city where fire, water, land, and air residents live together. The fiery young woman and the go-with-the-flow guy are about to discover something elemental: how much they actually have in common.


He is an American director, animator, voice actor, and artist. He currently works at Pixar Animation Studios, where he has served as director of The Good Dinosaur and Elemental.

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World Premiere

Director - Directors
Peter Sohn
Guión - Screenplay
John Hoberg, Kat Likkel, Brenda Hsueh, Peter Sohn
Productor - Producer
Denise Ream
Música - Music:
Thomas Newman
Sonido - Sound:
Jamison Rabbe
Cinematografía - Cinematography:
David Juan Bianchi, Jean-Claude Kalache
Edición - Editor:
Stephen Schaffer
Dirección de Arte - Production Design:
Don Shank
Intérpretes - Cast
Edurne Keel, Abraham Vega, Humberto Vélez, Isabel Martiñón, Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Jocelyn Robles
Contacto - Contact