La vida de nosotras

Fiction | Chile | 2023 | 50 min | Spanish


16 true stories of women who have been victims and survivors of male violence. A series that faithfully embodies the pain and resistance of millions of women who have had to face this almost always invisible reality. It addresses real cases of violence, such as femicide and femicide punishment and suicide, as well as labor and legal harassment; sexual, institutional violence against lesbian, Afro-descendant, and indigenous women, among others. Through various aesthetic and narrative proposals, each chapter focuses on a woman who is a victim of violence and the consequences for her family environment.


She is the content director of the production company, BTF Media Chile, where she is in charge of the development, investigation, search, and evaluation of audiovisual projects. She is the director, scriptwriter and editor of La Vida de Nosotras, a series of 16 stories about women victims and survivors of sexist violence, recently released by Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN).

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Director - Directors
Bárbara Barrera Morales
Guión - Screenplay
Eduardo Rivera Aburto, Hernán Caffiero, Bárbara Barrera Morales
Productor - Producer
Hernán Caffiero, Ricardo Coeto, Francisco Cordero, Ramiro Zamorano, Paula Guzmán
Música - Music:
Cristián Morales Ossio
Sonido - Sound:
Gabriel de la Vega, Cristián Freund
Cinematografía - Cinematography:
Camila Toro Cortez, Felipe Sepúlveda
Edición - Editor:
Hernán Caffiero, Bárbara Barrera Morales
Dirección de Arte - Production Design:
Erika Pulgar-Cáceres
Intérpretes - Cast
Millaray Lobos, Karla Melo, Soledad Cruz, Valentina Muhr
Contacto - Contact
Ramiro Zamorano