Premio Maguey celebrates the best of LGBTQ cinema in the world, and does so in a symbolic manner through its EMME pieces, unique hand-made creations that represent the duality in the human being, unique idiosyncrasy reflected in pieces that are a symbol of individuality and unity, which together illuminate, inspire and exalt the trajectory of personalities that have stood out by shining in a world in need of love and wisdom.


Pieces created by artist Adrián Guerrero, which in this ninth edition are intervened by talented jewelers Alejandro Rodríguez, Hafid Santos Kuri and Úrsula Hernández, who leave a mark and share a piece of what makes them exceptional and indelible. 


Light that emanates through each of their parts; that illuminates the path towards a world where ecstasy is reached when all its voices sing in unison, a chorus of passion, tenderness and devotion, equality and reconciliation. 



Adrián Guerreo lives and works in Guadalajara. His work denotes a constant search to analyze the human perception, supported on the field of philosophy from different levels, generating new views and resignifying what at first sight is common to us. Without leaving aside his passion for different ceramic techniques, he creates pieces, objects and installations with different materials and pillars such as photography, video, drawing, sculpture and painting. 


Joyería Autor Metamorfeame


Alejandro Rodríguez was born in Guadalajara. Jeweler by conviction, but graphic designer by profession; fate has led him to do work that has to do with design, which he sees as a form of expression where there are no limits, and any type of object can be transformed into art. His goal while designing is to make things that most people like even though sometimes its misunderstood or criticized. He normally does jewelry in gold or silver, but also likes to incorporate other materials that have nothing to do with jewelry such as beer cans, wood, concrete, among others.  


Joyería Morodo


Morodo Jewelry is a Mexican jewelry brand that was born in August 2014. With a legacy of three generations, Hafid Santos Kuri, creative director behind Morodo, due to his Arab and Mexican roots, identifies himself with the "Moorish" gentile that is used to recognize those from the Maghreb or people with brown skin. Each hardware, pendant, brooch, amulet and ring is designed with the brand symbology.


Joyería Ícaro


Graduated with a Visual Arts degree from the University of Guadalajara in 2010. She got a scholarship from the FONCA Young Creators Program through the Culture Secretariat in its 2017-18 edition for applied arts. She is the founder and creative director of the Ícaro jewelry brand. She studied the “Inner Artisan” degree in jewelry at the Hard to Find compound. She has taken courses in contemporary jewelry with artists such as Ruddt Peters, Carles Codina, Katja Prins, among others. She has studies in jewelry, drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, curatorship and contemporary art. She has participated in more than 15 collective exhibitions and an individual one. She considers her work as multidisciplinary, exploring the possibilities of drawing, photography, sculpture, objects and their relation to the body and their environment.