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Jurado corto Andres Trevino

Andrés Treviño

Diversidad Sexual

International Relations graduate by the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO). While at college he was involved in several sexual diversity groups, while also being the representative of the ITESO Alumni Society Union (USAI). He has been an adviser in public politics for local governments; legislative adviser in the “Juventud y Diversidad Sexual”, “Derechos Humanos” and “Igualdad de Género” commissions; and member of several civil society organizations which defend human rights. He currently is the Director of Sexual Diversity at the Substantive Equality Secretariat of the state of Jalisco.


Jurado corto Joao Federici

João Federici

Director del Festival MixBrasil

João graduated in theatre and founded his own theater production company in 1993, Ideias & Ideais, where he’s continued to produce successful plays in both Brazil and Portugal. Since 1996 he has been the Artistic and Executive Director of MixBrasil Festival of Diversity, giving visibility to Brazilian LGBT-themed films and arts, within his country and around the world. He’s been a guest curator of Brazillian-themed programs at: Pink Latino Diversity Festival (Canada); Mix Copenhagen (Denmark); TLVFilmFest (Israel); Queer Lisboa (Portugal); Mix Milano (Italy); D.iva Valparaiso (Chile); Diversa Festival (Argentina); InsideOut (Canada); OutFest (USA) etc.


Jurado corto Karina Gonzalez Diaque

Karina González Diaque

Directora de Inclusión en el Ayuntamiento de Zapopan

Born in Guadalajara. She currently is the Head of the Inclusion Directorate of the City of Zapopan. One of the four priority areas of the Directorate is the area of Sexual Diversity, where they are focused on generating public politics and actions to lead a more inclusive and tolerant cultural change within the Municipality. She previously served as the Councilor of the City Council of Zapopan as the head of the Commission for Social and Human Development. She has dedicated a large part of her life to social and volunteer work, helping people with addictions, the LGBTQ community, and people with HIV.


Jurado corto Karina Velasco

Karina Velasco Michel

Directora General Guadalajara Pride

Lawyer and activist, she is the Guadalajara Pride General Director. As an activist she has spent 9 years fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ population not only in Guadalajara, but also in Jalisco. In 2010, together with other people, she created the Guadalajara Lesbian Collective COLETA, which was responsible for the 1st Lesbian Visibility March in Jalisco.


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