Javiera Mena Carrasco (Santiago de Chile, 1983) is a Chilean pop electronic songwriter, producer, musician and singer.

Since the release of her first album “Esquemas Juveniles” in 2006, Javiera Mena burst onto the musical scene and got the attention of listeners avid for new music options. Revolutionary and transgressor in her sound, and offering a new aesthetic, she has continued with a consolidated career without space-time limits. Since her debut, she has released four more albums (“Primeras Composiciones”, “Mena”, “Otra Era” and “Espejo”) that have been regarded by the press and music-lovers as essential gems of electro pop music. She also has been recognized with international awards, including a Latin Grammy nomination in 2015 for Best Alternative Song with “Otra Era”.

In 2018, Javiera participated in several international festivals such as Primavera Sound Barcelona, ​​Low Festival (Spain) and Bananada (Brazil), in addition to touring in Berlin, Paris and London. In Miami, she was presented as part of the "Deezer Next Artist 2018" program, an initiative that looks to enhance the talent and work of Latin American musicians in the world.

Javiera is recognized as an icon of the LGBTQ community, constantly remarking on the role that Queerness has in order to transform the world in a constructive manner and without confrontation, a message that is reflected in some of her compositions, such as the song “Espada” from her album “Otra Era”.


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