Documentary Feature
Spain · 2019 · 90´ · Spanish


Somewhere in inland Spain, a shepherd dreams of visiting Lake Titicaca, a retired musical duo recalls their golden age, two young sisters search for Pokemon’s without any luck, and an old man counts the empty houses of the village in order to fall asleep at night. The characters of this cartographic film tell the tale of a rural world whose ancestral culture is vanishing in time. Through a multi-dimensional gaze, we move among an emotional landscape that ranges from melancholy to humor. With an observational tone and an almost surreal manner, Inland proposes a sensorial trip through the empty territory of Spain.


Educated in Environmental Studies and Audiovisual Communication. He works with experimental video, observational documentary, and visual-diary film essays. With a particular predilection for the boundaries between human culture and nature, mysticism and materialism, he mostly employs imagery from a factual world.

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Spain · 2019 · 90´ · Spanish

Dirección · Director
Juan Palacios

Guión · Screenplay
Juan Palacios

Fotografía · Cinematography
Juan Palacios

Sonido · Sound
Xabier Erkizia

Edición · Editor
Juan Palacios

Productor · Producer
Ainhoa Andraka, Zuri Goikoetxea, Cristina Hergueta

Contacto · Contact
Taskovski Films