Cross Dreamers

Documentary | Argentina | 2022 | 78 min | Spanish


Cross Dreamers is the life story of Ornella, Mabel, Mirna and Paula, men who throughout their lives practiced cross-dressing behind the backs of their families, wives and children. Their early fascination with the feminine, the years of guilt and fear have led them to have a double life. However, when they are over 50 years old, that world that they had perfectly armed begins to fall apart.


Screenwriter and director. She has a degree in Combined Arts from the University of Buenos Aires and a Master's in Series Writing from ECAM, Madrid. She works in the development of fiction and documentary projects. She co-wrote the documentary series, Soñando Alto (2022).

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Mexican Premiere

Director - Directors
Soledad Velasco
Guión - Screenplay
Soledad Velasco
Productor - Producer
Anibal Garisto, Nadia Rabotnikof, Soledad Velasco
Música - Music:
Carlos Cambariere
Sonido - Sound:
Roberto Briganti
Cinematografía - Cinematography:
Martin Turnes
Edición - Editor:
Carlos Cambariere
Dirección de Arte - Production Design:
Marina Gurman
Intérpretes - Cast
Ornella Mel Moravia, Mirna LadyRouge, Paula Villanueva, Mar Bel Vázquez Delgado
Contacto - Contact
Murray Dibbs