Table for All

Documentary Film
Brazil · 2019 · 52´ · English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian


What if food waste could be gourmet meals feeding social vulnerable people? Renowned and visionary chef Massimo Bottura -patron of the world´s best restaurant- brings together other international chefs, such as Joan Roca, Alain Ducasse, and Virgilio Martinez to unveil that tons of food destined for the dumpster in Olympic Village could be ingredients far deeper: feed people with heart, soul and social dignity in his new soup kitchen Reffetorio Gastromotiva at Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.


Kiko Ribeiro, André Finotti
André Finotti is an editor and director. He worked on 21 documentaries, 3 dramatic series and 10 feature films. He also edited selected films at the big festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Sundance, San Sebastian and Everything Truth, among others. Kiko Ribeiro is an entertainment industry executive, specialized in the creation development and production of original content.

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Brazil · 2019 · 52´ · English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Dirección · Director
Kiko Ribeiro, André Finotti

Fotografía · Cinematography
Theo Ribeiro

Música · Music
Vivian Aguiar-Buff

Sonido · Sound
Adriano Nascimento

Edición · Editor
Renato Sircilli

Productor · Producer
Marcos Nisti, Estela Renner, Luana Lobo

Intérpretes · Cast
Massimo Bottura, David Hertz, Alexandra Forbes, Alex Atala, Alain Ducasse,
Nicola Gryczka, Joan Roca, Micha Tsumura

Contacto · Contact
Beatriz Craveiro