Mother Lode

Documentary | Switzerland, Italy, France | 2021 | 86 min | Spanish


Jorge leaves his moto-taxi business in the suburbs of Lima and his family to seek fortune as a miner, reaching the highest and most dangerous Andean goldmine in Peru.Lost under a glacier in the mountains, La Rinconada is “the closest city to the sky”. It attracts thousands of seasonal workers like Jorge, seeking a lucky strike and a better life.Here starts a journey full of presages, where reality blends with magic, where the myth of richness is built over a sacrifice: every now and then, miners mysteriously disappear, since gold belongs to the Devil, el Tio de la Mina requires sacrifices.


In 2011 co-directed White Men, which presented at Festival dei Popoli di Firenze. In 2014 he made the cinematography of Rada, which won the prize as best documentary at Torino Film Festival (2014) and many other prizes. In 2016 he founded the production company Malfé Film. With his documentary Mother Lode he won the Eurimages Lab Award. The film premiered in Venice Critic's Week in 2021.

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Latin American Premiere

Director - Directors
Matteo Tortone
Guión - Screenplay
Matteo Tortone, Mathieu Granier
Productor - Producer
Nadège Labé, Alexis Taillant, Margot Mecca, Matteo Tortone, Benjamin Poumey
Música - Music:
Ivan Pisino
Sonido - Sound:
Ivan Pisino
Cinematografía - Cinematography:
Patrick Tresch, S.C.S
Edición - Editor:
Enrico Giovannone
Dirección de Arte - Production Design:
Intérpretes - Cast
José Luis Nazarios Campos
Contacto - Contact
Intra Movies - Maria Lanfranchi