For 37 years, the Guadalajara International Film Festival has become the most important cultural event for cinephiles in our city and in the rest of the country.

The FICG is the most solid film festival in Latin America, which has allowed it to position itself as the most important forum for training, instruction and creative exchange between professionals, international film critics and students.

For 9 days, the city becomes a great red carpet where the eyes of the world are in Guadalajara, where industry professionals, celebrities, businessmen, students, housewives and the entire population of our city enjoy various events. first level.

Our main objective as a Commercial Department is to open our doors with the firm objective of contributing commercially in the search for new creative formulas, developing ideas, developing synergies with companies that have the same vision as us, developing and enhancing brands hand in hand with one of the most powerful industries in the world, THE CINEMA.

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