Casas Grandes: an approach to the great Chichimeca, by Rafael Montero García (Mexico)

Goitia: a God for himself, by Diego López (Mexico)

City stories

  • First episode: someone is approaching, by Ramón Cervantes Audelo
  • Second episode: Travellers, by Rafael Montero García
  • Third episode: Lilyby Gerardo Lara
  • Fourth episode: Light blueby Maria Novaro

Intimacies in a bathroom, by Jaime Humberto Hermosillo (Mexico)

Lola, by María Novaro (Mexico)

Kill Chinto, by Alberto Isaac (Mexico)

A coin toss, by Ariel Zúñiga (Mexico)

Die in the Gulf, by Alejandro Pelayo (Mexico)

The other crime, by Carlos González Morantes (Mexico)

Baroque, by Paul Leduc (Mexico)

Breaks the dawn, by Isaac Artenstein (United States)

holy blood, by Alejandro Jodorowsky (Mexico)

Ceremony, by Alejandro Caballero Betanzo (Mexico)

Two stars, by Ciro Cabello Guevara (Mexico)

Late at night, by Pablo Gómez Sáenz (Mexico)

Distances, by Miguel Gleason Berumen (Mexico)

Death is a lonely place, by Guillermo Granillo (Mexico)

Little girl, by Ángeles Sánchez (Mexico)

The blue dove, by Carlos Carrera (Mexico)

Samuel?, by Ricardo Braojos (Mexico)

The revenge, by Eva López Sánchez (Mexico)

A little dress white as milk Nido, by Carlos Carrera (Mexico)

old morality, by Orlando Merino Pereira (Mexico)

There in the big ranch, by Fernando del Fuentes (Mexico)

The bastard, by Ramón Peón (Mexico)

The friend Mendoza, Fernando de Fuentes (Mexico)

two monks, by Juan Bustillo Oro (Mexico)

The millions of Chaflán, by Rolando Aguilar (Mexico)

Nun and married, virgin and martyr, by Juan Bustillo Oro (Mexico)

Hate, by Fernando Soler (Mexico)

As you see?, by Paul Leduc (Mexico)

Ethnocide, notes on the Mezquital, by Paul Leduc (Mexico)

Frida, living nature, by Paul Leduc (Mexico)

Tom Thumb's forbidden stories, by Paul Leduc (Mexico)

Puebla today, by Paul Leduc (Mexico)

Reed, Mexico insurgent, by Paul Leduc (Mexico)

Bach and his interpreters, by Paul Leduc (Mexico)

Study for a portrait (Francis Bacon), by Paul Leduc (Mexico)

The sea, by Paul Leduc (Mexico)

South: Southeast 2604, by Paul Leduc (Mexico)

Paul Leduc


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