Tributes and recognitions


Recognition of the career of personalities who have contributed to the flourishing of National Cinema.

This tribute has positioned itself as one of the most respected recognitions in the Mexican film industry. 


Recognition of personalities from Latin America, Spain and Portugal whose activity and achievements transcend their country of birth.

The first was formally awarded to Nelson Pereira dos Santos in 2007.

Mayahuel International

Recognition of outstanding personalities in the film industry who, due to their careers, have an international impact.

Honor Guest

The Guest of Honor occupies a fundamental space in the Festival's activities by opening the way to intercultural dialogue.

This tribute recognizes the influence and significance of the figures who have defined the cinematography of the countries or regions that have been guests of honor.

Maguey Award Tribute

This tribute recognizes the influence of personalities from the national and international film industry who, with their work and career, have contributed to plurality, inclusion and celebration of sexual diversity through cinema.

Maguey Posthumous Tribute Award

It distinguishes personalities whose careers managed to break pre-established paradigms, leaving a legacy of social and historical relevance that opened doors of freedom for future generations.

Maguey Career Award

It recognizes the legacy and work of personalities who, with their work, promote stories accompanied by an open and diverse sexual orientation, celebrating the best of LGBTQ+ cinematography in the world.

Maguey Activist Award

Celebrate those who, thanks to their social work, have brought a message of equality to the world, and who with their courage have sown a seed for a diverse, inclusive and active society.

Maguey Queer Icon Award

Recognition of those who have become emblems of QUEER culture thanks to their work and aesthetic reflection, and who at the same time have established themselves as iconic figures of open and free sexual diversity.